Evolution of a craft, an industry, has more to do with human enterprise, innovation, and a capacity to improvise with the best that has been created.
If you extend this to working with willing hands, able minds, and a sharp creative outlook, it easily converts possibilities to implementation, and the mere probable becomes most achievable. Modular Kitchen Design and Development,  one of the most astonishingly promising design/industry sectors of our times, is in its most important phase, that of transition,  churning of concepts, and of course, successful inception of newer material technology.
If it seems rather simple to say ‘ Cook your way to health’ lucky are they who can and do realize the wisdom of the right ingredients.
When we look afar and consider the freshness and lush sparkle of the Modular Kitchens’ industry, it comes with a realization that working in this field is deeply satisfying – for the simple reason that the product or creative input is actually affecting so many lives and becoming, in some way, a catalyst to good health and positive energy. Naturally, we enjoy what we do, so when the resolve of a sombre manager comes with the jaunty derring – do of the excitement seeker, it has to be backed by the bedrock of reliability.

From the Directors’ Desk

We are a Company that, like Kitchen Design itself, likes to be deeply connected with the concerns of our patrons. Not for us the impersonal approach of the machine-man; we rather liken our mindset to the poet, the artist, the sportsman for whom there is a method in creative madness but also a decisive strategy targeted towards goals that are long term,
conclusive, and definitely growth oriented

Kitchenista the ‘new and bold’ has now become a brand known for its integrity, its sharp focus and its ability to encompass so many talents under one umbrella.Kitchen Design in India or elsewhere has a reassuring tendency to be always practical, but offering the enticement of dabbling in something new every time.This eggs us on,drives us towards a discovery of sorts along the way.

About the Company

Kitchenista is a wholly integrated company engaged, for the past 12 years, in the Design, Manufacture, and Production/ Implementation/ Execution of Modular and Customized Kitchens pertaining to every requirement,context, and budget.
Our operations are engaged in continual upgrading, research, material improvisation and study.This has enabled us to strengthen our core areas of-

  • Design and Assembly as per Client requirement.
  • Manufacture of Kitchen equipment, high quality Kitchen Baskets, Kitchen Shutters, Kitchen Accessories etc.
  • Kitchen solutions across all platforms like Basket Pullouts,Cabinets,Shutters,Wardrobes,Accessories, Hardware.
  • Electrical Appliances for Kitchens like Chimneys,Hobs etc.

About the Factory

Kitchenista’s state-of-art factory consists of the best machinery and production methods including dedicated areas for machine cutting,pressing etc.
The Kitchenista production zone is a smoothly running, perfectly planned process where our interaction with you is flawlessly translated into built,practical kitchen components that blend beautifully with each other when they are executed on site.
We manufacture all Kitchen Components and have the ability to create kitchens to suit all budgets,all sizes and a diverse range of personalized requirements.
This is why we believe :A good Kitchen is created with your involvement and our focus.

About Company Showrooms

Kitchenista customers have the luxury of selecting their kitchen layout and design at two showrooms-one at Pune-Satara Road and the other at Vimannagar.In a fast expanding metro, kitchen design is today flourishing as a lifestyle parameter and sign of good living.It is no wonder that footfalls at our showroom are followed by prompt site visits by our staff and converted into well designed, complete and budget-friendly kitchens.

Speed is essence;Care is paramount

While our designers,engineers, execution personnel and site supervisors realize the importance of speedy completion, we are all bound by the tenets of creativity, beauty and sensitivity.