Open Door

Open Wardrobe is a fancy showcase, having multiple option like stand, wardrobe, hanging platforms and we provide many more alternative as per modern design. Open wardrobe gives a visible access to your stuff and put everything you need for your daily routine at the tip of your fingers. mostly used for dry stores and showroom for easy accessibilty of your stuff.
designing your open door wardrobe in a fancy manner to attract your client is very easy. Now a days this design is in fashion, people are using their creative ideas to decorate the wardrobe in fashionable manned with lights and colorful options.

Sliding Door

Keeping modern interior in mind, sliding wardrobes are much more in demand these days. Sliding wardrobe drift horizontally along plate channels fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe, gives sleek and modern look of wardrobe make a style statement. Sliding wardrobes are comfortable opening from each side wether having small or congested space.
Sliding wardrobe is a perfect match in this modern era. Sliding Door is highest selling products in tier 1 & 2 cities. Matching your fashion needs can justify its style perfectly and fits in your budget with low & high end quality products. Easy open and close option with transparent glass gives rich look to your house and match any kind of interior style.