L Shape Kitchen

L Shaped Modular Kitchen comes with impressive features that enables you to enjoy the best happening of cooking. The style of L Shaped Modular Kitchen is worthy for kitchens with very little area available. The comfort of storage cupboard in the layout of L Shaped Modular Kitchen giving an enough of space to keep food products.
For a small kitchen, the L-shaped layout is the best option and there are many more benefits that this kitchen design offers. L-shaped kitchen design layout has become very effective and beneficial for modular kitchen designs. With our expert guidance and efficient planning, we design kitchens that are well organized and provide a smooth workflow.

C Shape Kitchen

The C-shape layout make your kitchen sensible and popular which is appropriate for your modern home kitchen. The C-Shaped Modular Kitchen gives standard look and feel. Having more space for your arrangements and cleanliness.
This kitchen layout is also for the people who are fond of cooking especially for others. This is because its design provides for a much more organized, functional and not to mention stylish cooking experience. This is an ideal layout if your apartment is open-pan or if you love entertaining guests. It is also very spacious, organized and gives a contemporary look and feel.

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel kitchens makes the space axceptionally efficient and compress. Having two long parallel counters standing parallel walkway running in between. Compared to other kitchen styles, parallel kitchen is convenient to plan and design.
According to chefs, this is the most efficient layout and since they spend more time than anyone else in a kitchen we are inclined to agree. To get the right kitchen design layout, we have a vast finery of designer and a skilled team of experts. It is also used when the kitchen is used as a passageway or if a utility balcony is connected to it. While all the different types of homes can be installed with this kitchen; it works best with kitchens that are long and narrow.

Straight Kitchen

Straight Modular Kitchens looks classy and sleek and give you a amazing experience of cooking. You get ample amount of storage space for your kitchen without visible mess-up. In straight line kitchen the space management has done effeciently keeping your convenience in mind.
Straight Modular Kitchen is ideal for lofts and studio apartments because of its unobtrusive and versatile design but can also be used in houses with larger kitchen areas. Its biggest advantage is that it does not utilize a lot of apartment space, provide optimal efficiency and a chic open-plan look.